A weight loss calculator provides you with information such as calories burnt, your current weight, and more. In short, you can monitor your progress if you have a weight loss calculator. Nowadays, it is considered among vital part of everyones fitness plan, it is not a surprise that even sites that review fitness gear, would now recommend getting a scale with built-in calorie calculator.

There are many types of weight loss calculators, some focus on calories while others focus on your Body Mass Index (BMI).

However, the fact that it offers a way for you to monitor your weight loss progress means that it’s a necessity for weight loss enthusiasts.

This article looks at the various weight loss solutions on the internet and how you can use them to make the most out of your weight loss program.


The most basic type of weight loss calculator is those that measure your weight. The difference from a scale, though, is that it stores your past data, so you can check how much you’ve changed.

Body Mass Index or BMI

In addition to the weight, this type of calculator takes your height into consideration. It makes sure that your weight is proportionate to your height, so you can figure out if you really need to lose weight or gain some.

Calorie Counter

A calorie counter is important if you want to figure out how much calories there are in the food you eat. If you don’t have any idea what type of foods you need to eat, then this is for you.

Calorie Calculator

This is different from the calorie counter because instead of the calories on the food, it calculates how much calories your body needs. That way, you won’t be consuming too much and not too little either.

Due to many complications with our health, it’s difficult to rely on your opinion on whether your weight loss program is working. That’s why weight loss calculators are important so they can provide accurate information that is proven and tested.

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