Many weight loss enthusiasts find themselves asking the same question over and over – what’s better, cardio or weightlifting?

These are the two most popular forms of workouts, so it’s only natural that they’ll be choosing from either of them.

This article takes a look at the differences between the two, considering that they’re the most effective ways to lose weight in the physical activity category.

For more calories burnt every session

weightlifting and cardio woman fitness - Weightlifting and Cardio, the Natural Partners of Dieting

Cardio is known for being more intense than weight training. That’s why many muscle builders prefer cardio over weightlifting when they’re just beginning their workout.

This is because they have much energy to spare and they know that with cardio, the results will be better. Plus, their body size will affect the results of the cardio workout.

If for example, two bodybuildersdo cardio, the one with a greater body size will experience better results than that of the bodybuilder will less weight.

This also applies to weight loss enthusiasts, the result being the calories burnt. That’s why many beginners of their weight loss programs turn to cardio because that’s when they have the highest weight loss.

This only means this will also be the cardio workout where they can lose the most calories. However, since it’s an intense workout, make sure that you don’t overdo it because the consequences will be greater than that of weight training.

For more calories burnt every day

weightlifting and cardio barbel - Weightlifting and Cardio, the Natural Partners of Dieting

Weight-training workouts aren’t exactly the most intense workouts there is. Plus, you won’t be seeing cardio in any way similar to weightlifting.

However, despite being that way, weightlifting is actually better compared to cardio if we’re talking about the calories burnt in the long run.

This is because weight-training can result in several health benefits, one of which is improved metabolism. It’s also found that weight training is more effective in building muscles.

Since muscles are known to burn fats, it’s an effective way to lose weight in the long run. With more muscles, your weight loss programs will be much easier, although this might be a bad idea for those looking to lose weight while preventing any buildups on their muscle system.

Now you know which of the two will fit your needs better. However, make sure that you’ll depend on your needs and not your wants. Many people tend to overdo their program and end up suffering the consequences.

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