Psychology affects our daily lives in more ways than we think. In fact, most of our life choices depend on our mindset.

Your food choices are no exception. We’ve talked about how hunger affects food choices before, and that actually has something to do with psychology.

Today we look at how much you can change your food choicesby taking advantage of your psychology.

Plate Size and Food Portion

eating study white plate - Color and Size Matters When Eating, Study Says

Many studies have proven over and over again that with smaller plates, people tend to get smaller portions. Researchers have proven this and many people have also tested this and succeeded.

Experiments were conducted with some people eating in plates of different sizes, and smaller plates always lead to people eating less.

This is an illusion that shows that even though people know about it, they still tend to think that the plate they eat on is of normal size and thus, they tend to assume that they’re eating the normal amount of food they usually eat.

Plate Color and Food Choices

eating study green plate - Color and Size Matters When Eating, Study Says

We all know the feeling of being unable to eat healthy foods, even though we know for sure that we desperately need them.

That’s why researchers found that there’s an effective way of how to control what you eat. Studies say that if you want to eat greens, then your plate should be colored that way.

The same goes for eating meat, poultry, and more. This was also proven by many people that tried doing it. That means you can finally control your mindset of food choices by simply changing the color of your plates.

If you think you can’t change how you think of food, then you’re wrong. There are many ways to change your mindset with foods and these are just a few of them. That’s why your weight loss program shouldn’t just be about physical activity and food choices. You should also consider your mindset.

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