Weightless Project is an agency established in early 2019 with the purpose of servicing people who are looking for ways to lose weight at home through natural methods. Our main goal is for weight loss enthusiasts to achieve the results they want to see with our methods.

We incorporate weight loss with advanced technology that may fasten the process.

We help these types of people by providing tips and advice on how they can achieve the results they desire. Our content ranges from diet tips to remedies or habits that can be done in the comfort of your home.

We created this website to serve as a platform for people to be able to freely browse our wide-ranging tips and advice on weight loss. It also serves as a guide for people to get access to tools such as weight loss calculators, and more.

We believe these types of technology are necessary to truly promote weight loss to individuals.

Our Mission

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Our mission here at Weightless Project is to make sure that our users don’t fail on losing weight. We make sure that this is done by monitoring their progress through our own software.

That is why we incorporate advanced technology into our methods of helping people lose weight. Not only do we rely on natural remedies, but we also keep tabs on our users who opt for our services so they may monitor their progress.

This is ultimately for the purpose of fulfilling our mission of keeping them from steering away from the path of losing weight.

We believe failing to completely master weight loss regimens are natural. That’s why we created countermeasures so our users may continue with a consistent routine and work towards their weight loss.


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Our programs here at Weightless Project vary according to an individual. Sometimes, there’s no need for us to make use of our software to keep track of an individual’s progress. We also customize the weight loss programs that we provide according to the preferences, biology, and the normal routine of our users.

Our Founder

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Our founder is Maximilian Stevenson. It all started when he realized that weight loss can’t be easily achieved alone.

That’s why he came up with the idea of providing support to weight loss enthusiasts so there will be those that can restrict the habits of individuals that may threaten their mission to lose weight.

If you’re interested in our services, you’re free to reach out to us through our Contact page. You may also subscribe to Weightless Project to stay up to date with our free tips.