CALORIES: 100,000,000


"Something as easy as walking helps to solve an overwhelming problem of children starving. I throw these fitbits on both of my own kids as well and together we push each other to take stairs and to change lives: from the heart source to the food source. Small steps make a difference !"

Rachel Roy is New York based CFDA fashion designer, involved in various philanthropic initiatives including OrphanAid Africa and Heart of Haiti

How it works

This initiative aims to bridge the gap between obesity and undernourishment. To do this, the project encourages people to work out and donate calories.

Health and fitness brands partnering with the project help convert thesecalories into usable funds. All proceeds generated will be used to fight global hunger and malnutrition.

  • Add your device and start working out to donate calories.
  • Every 1000 calories donated, raises $1 to fight world hunger.
  • The more you work out, the more money you help raise.
1000 Calories
1 Dollar

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$10,000 raised from the donated calories for the survivors of haiyan.



You can now contribute funds directly to the Weightless Project. These funds go into the community account and will be used to monetize donated calories. As more people work out and burn

calories, your funds will be released to the different foundations partnering with us. In other words, you will be helping us sustain this initiative and keep the fight against malnutrition going.