The Power of Spiciness in Helping with Your Weight Loss Plans

The Power of Spiciness in Helping with Your Weight Loss Plans

We all know that spicy food can be more tempting to eat for some. However, there’s no denying that some...

5 Benefits of Drinking Water Nobody’s Talking About

5 Benefits of Drinking Water Nobody’s Talking About

You’ve probably heard that drinking water contributes to losing weight, but is it really? After much research, it was found...

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Weightlifting and Cardio, the Natural Partners of Dieting


Many weight loss enthusiasts find themselves asking the same question over and over – what’s better, cardio or weightlifting?

These are the two most popular forms of workouts, so it’s only natural that they’ll be choosing from either of them.

This article takes a look at the differences between the two, considering that they’re the most effective ways to lose weight in the physical activity category.

For more calories burnt every session


Cardio is known for being more intense than weight training. That’s why many muscle builders prefer cardio over weightlifting when they’re just beginning their workout.

This is because they have much energy to spare and they know that with cardio, the results will be better. Plus, their body size will affect the results of the cardio workout.

If for example, two bodybuildersdo cardio, the one with a greater body size will experience better results than that of the bodybuilder will less weight.

This also applies to weight loss enthusiasts, the result being the calories burnt. That’s why many beginners of their weight loss programs turn to cardio because that’s when they have the highest weight loss.

This only means this will also be the cardio workout where they can lose the most calories. However, since it’s an intense workout, make sure that you don’t overdo it because the consequences will be greater than that of weight training.

For more calories burnt every day


Weight-training workouts aren’t exactly the most intense workouts there is. Plus, you won’t be seeing cardio in any way similar to weightlifting.

However, despite being that way, weightlifting is actually better compared to cardio if we’re talking about the calories burnt in the long run.

This is because weight-training can result in several health benefits, one of which is improved metabolism. It’s also found that weight training is more effective in building muscles.

Since muscles are known to burn fats, it’s an effective way to lose weight in the long run. With more muscles, your weight loss programs will be much easier, although this might be a bad idea for those looking to lose weight while preventing any buildups on their muscle system.

Now you know which of the two will fit your needs better. However, make sure that you’ll depend on your needs and not your wants. Many people tend to overdo their program and end up suffering the consequences.

The Perfect Way to Shop to Prevent Buying Too Much Food


If you’ve ever tried shopping while you’re hungry, then you probably know that it’s a bad idea. Everything you look at will look like it was made by a professional chef, and you can’t help but want to buy it all and eat it at home.

Little did you know that aftergoing home and eating some of it, you’ll start wondering why you bought it in the first place. It’s not like you needed all of it to sate your hunger.

That’s why we emphasize that the best way to do grocery shopping is with your belly full and after a meal. This article takes a look at this controversy by weight loss enthusiasts and what you can do about it.

High-Calorie Foods, Check!


Whether you like it or not, whenever you’re hungry, you’ll always prefer high-calorie foods than those with fewer calories.

This, in turn, will result in unhealthy choices. Not only will it mess with your weight loss plans, but it’ll also lead to side effects later, such as constipation, and more.

So, if you’re thinking of shopping with an empty stomach, forget about it.

Short-Term Food Deprivation


Studies were conducted with the conclusion that short-term food deprivation can lead to changes in food decisions.

An experiment made sure that half of the participants were able to eat as much as they want, while the other half aren’t given any food. They were then required to do shopping.

It’s found that the ones that aren’t given any food bought more high-calorie products than they normally do as well as more than those that had food prior to the shopping.

This proves that not only will hunger lead you to prefer high-calorie foods rather than low-calorie ones, it’ll also result in individuals buying more products than they normally do.

The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure that you eat and fill your belly. Also, if you’re going to do so, we recommend eating low-calorie foods, otherwise there’s no point into filling your belly to the brim.

Grocery shopping with an empty stomach can lead to changes in food choices, even if you’re not planning to buy foods in the first place.

The Power of Spiciness in Helping with Your Weight Loss Plans


We all know that spicy food can be more tempting to eat for some. However, there’s no denying that some people tend to have no interest in spicy stuff, whatsoever.

Here we look at how spicy food can affect your weight loss plans and why you should make use of this to lose weight faster.

Sweating from Spicy Stuff

Often, we find ourselves sweating abnormal amounts after eating spicy food. However, there’s really no certainness if whether sweating can help uslose weight.

Research actually talks about this and proves that sweating really does burn calories, even if not much.

They say that when doing activities that cause you to sweat like crazy, you can burn up to 220 calories an hour on average for women, and 300 calories for men.

In addition, you’ll know whether your exercise is intense enough if you’re sweating. If not, then that’s only an indication that you should step up your game a bit.

Weight Loss and Pain-Relief

Any food with a hint of spiciness contains a chemical substance called capsaicin. This is found to promote weight loss, in addition to its pain-relieving properties.

That’s why you’ll find that many people try spicy stuff when they have back pain. But little did they know that it’ll also cause them to burn more calories, even if for just a little amount.

Metabolism and Appetite

Spice is used in food to improve its flavor. It also increases the sensitivity of a person’s smelling senses when eating the food.

This is so that the person will have more appetite and be more eager to eat spicy food. However, there’s actually an opposite effect on this.

Spicy food tends to reduce appetite as well as metabolism, so at the end of the day, you’ll be losing more weight than you gain with spicy food.

There are many benefits of spices. It’s not only about weight loss though. Spice can be partnered with greens to make it more tempting to eat. Lastly, it possesses several other health benefits.

How Much Should You Drink Every Day to Promote Weight Loss?


We already know that we lose water from our body through several means,such as urine, sweating, and more.

That means we’ll always have to refill our body with water by drinking, and we’ve been through the 8×8 rule of drinking water.

This is when you drink eight glasses of 8-ounce water. This is equal to 2 liters of water and it’s perhaps the easiest way to get hydrated.

However, there’ve been different opinions on how much water a person really needs to drink. This article takes a look at those opinions, and if it’s really applicable to people.

Drinking Water and Weight Loss

It had already been proven by researchers that drinking water does promote weight loss.

Their first conclusion is that it reduces the appetite of a person before they eat. It’s also found that people who drink before eating can lose more weight than those who don’t.

Additionally, it might be beneficial if you know that drinking lots of water can result in more energy expended by your body, and thus burning more calories.

On top of all that, drinking water can result in several health benefits.

Energy Levels and Brain Function


Water is also known to benefit our brain since the brain is mostly made up of water. It also increases your energy levels.

These two benefits can be used to level up your game with burning calories, such as your physical activity.With more energy, you can do aerobic exercises and weight lifting more often.

The amount of water you need depends on your physical ability. Just as how muscle builders drink more water than an average person, you should drink more too if you think your job requires you to think more.

The bottom line is that the amount of water you should drink depends on your activity for the day. The more energy you expend, the more water you should drink.

Brushing Your Teeth, an Effective Way to Prevent Overeating


Many people can’t stop snacking too much or eating foods even if they don’t need it that much. This often results in them getting fatter by the minute.

However, even if it’s too hard to cut down on your snacks, there are simple ways to prevent yourself from eating too much. One example of this is brushing your teeth.

Just like drinking water, it doesn’t take long but it can result in great benefits. Here we look at how you can promote weight loss just by brushing your teeth.

Tooth brushing or mouth washing


You probably already know this, but after brushing your teeth, any food you eat will taste bad. This is great because the main reason why people tend to overeat is because of the taste of the food.

We tend to not savor our food, and just overeat because we know that it is delicious and scrumptious. One fix for this problem we always face is brushing our teeth.

That way, you won’t have to worry about getting addicted to your foods, because they’ll taste bad anyway.

Coffee or tea


Research also says that if you find brushing your teeth or mouth washing an effective way to cut off on your snacking or overeating, then you should also try drinking coffee or tea.

This is because it also has the same effects as that of brushing your teeth. It will kill your appetite, and provide health benefits at the same time, especially if what you’re drinking is green tea.

If you found this useful, don’t forget to stay up to date with our content because we’ll be posting more tips just like this here at Weightless Project.